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Garage door repair in St. Louis and St. Charles

Garage doors operate on a simple principle: they should open when you need them to and close when you want them to. If your garage door is failing to do either, or both, BROOKS DOORS can get it back to working the way it should at a price you can live with. We service and repair all major brands of both automatic and manual garage doors. 
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Garage door spring and roller repair in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, MO

We take garage doors seriously

Your garage door suddenly won't close and now your vehicle and other possessions are on display for all to see. A contractor that does garage door repairs on the side may not see that as a big problem, but BROOKS DOORS does. Since garage doors are all we do, you can rest assured we'll get on your problem fast! 

An open and shut case

Your automatic garage door opener had one job, and it picked today of all days to fall down on it. Before you frantically search for instructions on how to bypass it manually, call BROOKS DOORS. We repair all brands of automatic garage door openers. We can even replace lost remotes. 
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We spring into action

Nothing lasts forever. Even something as hefty as a garage door torsion spring will wear out and break eventually. If yours has reached the end of its working life, you shouldn't attempt to replace it yourself without proper training. Brooks Doors, LLC has the knowledge and experience to replace worn or broken garage door springs quickly and affordably. Your garage door will be back to its old self in no time flat! 
New Garage Door Replacement in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, MO
New Garage Door Install in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, MO

Don't try this at home

Some home improvements are perfectly safe to do by yourself. Garage door installation can be a different story. The typical garage door can weigh anywhere from 100 to 300 pounds. If your old garage door has a torsion spring mechanism, that can be even more dangerous.  Save money, time and a possible trip to the ER. 

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